Cabins Marble

The spray booth/oven mod. Marble and is the most economical system of the range Cometi.
It has a front 2 doors and power generator that develops 22 000 mc / h. Even though having a very simple and basic, low cost of typical design, the cabin Marble still managed to meet all the needs of a modern body.

The cabin Marble is supplied with a useful width of 4000 mm, with a height of 2600 mm and length of 7080 mm of usable space.
It can to be supplied with grills with masonry base, or with a steel base, or with the operating system suction semi-vertical (SDD).

Technical specifications of models MARBLE:

mm 7080 7080
mm 4000 4000
mm 2600
Watt 1392 1392
m3/h 22.000 22.000
m/sec 0,23 0,58
KW 7,5 7,5
Kcal/h 160.000 160.000


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