The Company

The original name COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE TIBERINE is dated back in the early 60's when some enterprising local businessmen decided to combine their creativity and their desire to do business to be an active part in the Italian dynamic growth of those years.

Since then many years have passed and the initial thrust based on the inspiration and enthusiasm has gradually moved to an efficient industrial organization, to a development based on studies and research and to an ever increased automation of production without neglecting or forgetting the flexibility able to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements allowing us to offer a product which is truly custom made.

The experiences and innovations launched successfully in the Italian market, allowed to gradually expand our horizons and begin to operate with the same success in a variety of foreign - initially unthinkable - markets and to reach areas such as the Middle and Far East, Africa etc.

The initial name was then varied into CO.ME.TI. and the original railways sector has been extended to cabinets, shelters, telecommunication stations, and other equipments by reaching, thanks to the technical / production synergies, surface treatment plants and spray booth/oven system.

The focus on innovation and technology as well as environmental aspects could not even lead to a commitment in renewable energies field and by developing, thanks to the achieved know-how, pv station and cabinets to house the electrical equipment PV system!

The team is structured so as to be able to directly face every aspect of the interested fields such as structural design, electrical or even the thermodynamic ones all according to the quality (ISO 9001: 2000) and environment (ISO 14000) standard.

COMETI is always focused on the future but at the same time is a custom-oriented company able to offer not only products but solutions and service.

Our Christmas gift is a small charitable act.

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Informativa aiuti di stato anno 2020

​Informativa: Per l'analisi dettagliata per gli Aiuti di Stato percepiti dalla società Cometi srl si prega di prendere visione del Registro Nazionale degli Aiuti di Stato

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