Stand Alone mod. OG 2000-200

TIPOLOGY: Stand Alone


Small solar system to feed the basic home load but with main power connection up to 2,4kW if needed.

Solar System supported by Generating Set or Public grid composed by
# Cabinet, storing batteries and electric equipment, composed by
- Steel supporting basement duly insulated
- Side and roof with sandwich panels polyurethane foam injected
- Internal skin in pre-coated steel sheet
- External skin in pre-coated aluminum sheet
- Opening panel for inspection and maintenance
- PV modules supporting structures integrated
# PV modules kit
# Electric and electronic devices
# Batteries kit
             # 1 Hybrid Inverter AC/DC – DC/DC – DC/AC
             # 1 Integrated charger
             # 1 Automatic switch grid/batteries                 
             # 1 Inlet plug ( from GenSet/grid) Type E
             # 1 Outlet plug ( to the load ) Type E
             PV modules inlet on connection board                          
             Batteries cables included                       
             PV modules cables included                 

             Solar array power           kW         2
             PV modules       No.        10
             PV modules power        Wp        200
             Hybrid inverter               No.        1
             Battery   q.ty     No.        8
             Battery voltage                V             24
             Battery version                               VRLA AGM
             Battery capacity              Ah          400
             Stored energy kWh      9,6
             Voltage supply V             230 / 1 Ph
             Output max power        kW         2,4
             24 h load             W           200
             Autonomy (with no recharge) days      2
             Re charge time ( solar )                days      3

Our Christmas gift is a small charitable act.

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