The Works

In 2008 on the occasion of the continuous organization improvement, the production lines were transferred to the new factory specifically built at the west entrance of Sansepolcro along the state road from Arezzo, and very near to junction of the E45 taking advantage of the logistics benefits of these two major arteries.

The new production facility covers over 12,000 square meters and with its large outside areas allowing the exposition and storage of finished products, with ideal handling spaces to ship and to received goods.

The production lines are organized according to modern dictates of materials flow and assembling logics, making use of modern CNC equipment which manage the complete production cycle of all metallic products.

The old production site in Fiumicello is now dedicated to the production of prototypes or small number of special products based on assembly lines organized on an ad hoc basis and according to the specific needs of customers.

Administrative and technical departments as well as Purchasing, Quality, etc., are organized in modern "open space", distributed into the new 4-story building located near the works and are equipped with the latest technical and management software studied to manage the large amount of projects and products that are processed and shipped out every year.

Our Christmas gift is a small charitable act.

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Informativa aiuti di stato anno 2020

​Informativa: Per l'analisi dettagliata per gli Aiuti di Stato percepiti dalla società Cometi srl si prega di prendere visione del Registro Nazionale degli Aiuti di Stato

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